LDALC Documents

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  1. Constitution of LDALC
  2. LDC Planning Glossary
  3. LDALC council contacts
  4. East Sussex ALC Ltd
  5. National Association of Local Councils
  6. Link to the Sussex Association of Local Councils
  7. The Localism Bill
  8. Planning Handbook forDistrict, Town & Parish Councillors
  9. Lewes Planning Code of Practice Review
  10. National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) (February 2019)
  11. The Pink Planning Sheet
  12. Generic Neighbourhood Plan
  13. Localism Bill: Neighbourhood plans and community right to build
  14. Letter to Lindsay Frost LDC, regarding planning enforcement
  15. Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner
  16. Changes to the weekly list and consultation procedure relating to tree work
  17. Lewes District Community Safety Partnership three year plan
  18. LDC Revised Local Development Scheme February 2012
  19. National Planning Policy Framework
  20. Extending permitted development rights
  21. Home Works
  22. East Sussex ALC Limited
  23. Structure of East Sussex ALC Limited
  24. Core Strategy, Identifying the level of housing need for the period up until 2030
  25. Superfast Broadband for East Sussex
  26. CPRE planning applications in Sussex
  27. Waking Up to Tomorrow-Adapting to climate change in the lower Ouse valley and coastal areas
  28. Local Audit and Accountability Act 2014
  29. Freedom of Information
  30. Strategic Property Asset Collaboration in East Sussex (SPACES)
  31. Access to information at meetings
  32. Lewes District Core Strategy, Proposed Submission Documents 09/2014
  33. Minutes of Meeting on A27 Improvements 09/01/2015
  34. SSALC Board of Directors Code of Conduct
  35. New burdens doctrine

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