Lewes District Association of Local Councils
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Welcome to the Lewes District Assocation of Local Councils website.

Latest news The next meeting will take place in the Yarrow Room, Lewes Town Hall, at 2 pm on Monday the 8th of June 2020. The latest minutes can be found here


. To facilitate the exchange of information between Parishes in the Lewes Area.

. To promote and develop the social, economic, cultural and recreational life of parishes in the Lewes area.

. To assist and support members with local challenges.

. To inform and discuss Local Government issues.

. To maintain dialogue with Lewes District Council and East Sussex County Council on local issues.

. To maintain liaison with other bodies


Each Town Council, Parish Council and Parish Meeting within the Lewes District Council Area, if a member of SSALC, shall be eligible for membership.

Each member shall be entitled to appoint two representatives to attend and speak at meetings, but only one representative shall be entitled to vote.

A Council may appoint its clerk as a representative to attend, speak and vote at meetings. If not appointed as a
representative, a clerk may attend as an observer.

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Compiled February 2020